Road Map: The Future of TotalEmail

Here's a brief glimpse into the future of TotalEmail.

You can read more about what we’ve accomplished so far here.

Future Plans

Short-Term (next 6 months)
  • Increase the number of emails in the system (on the order of one hundred thousand)
    • This will primarily be done by collecting emails from various sources
  • Add the ability to forward emails into TotalEmail
  • Increase the number of analysis engines/methodologies used by analyze emails
  • Improve GUI
  • Improve handling of attachments
    • Provide file hashes (like sha256) for attachments
    • Improve the display of attachments
  • Simplify the code-base
    • Move code from the views to the models
  • Improve the quality of the scoring system
  • Improve API and SDKs
  • Add ability for visitors to ‘vote’ on the maliciousness of emails and their contents
    • Experiment with voting systems to engage passive and busy visitors

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Long-Term (next 2 years)
  • Increase number of emails (on the order of a million)
  • Facilitate integrations and novel spam detection methodologies
  • Facilitate machine learning and natural language processing training